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Exactly Kings biotechnology Co.,Ltd. ,after a decade of precipitation,has thousands of square meters of GMP standard manufacture now,several advanced automatic integrated production lines and decades of biotechnology application research teams,and has become one of enterprises with scale and influence in China’s bio-beauty and skin care industry.In 2015 the company was rated as “China’s cosmetics industry top 100”.Through a series of independent research and development,the advanced and effective biological scientific and technological achievements,application in the field of the beauty,provide reliable biological cosmetics and skincare product for the people whom love beauty all around the world.




Exactly Kings biotechnology Co.,Ltd.,is committed to the application and research of biological skincare raw materials.The company has successfully developed a variety of high-tech skincare raw materials,including:silk protein peptide,Marine collagen peptide, seabuckthorn element,growth factor,and the Marine collagen peptide series products won the “quality supervision qualified red list product”.

Over the years,the company attaches great  important to integrity,research,development,gain much recognition from the market and society.The company will continue to towards the direction of large scientific research enterprises,our products including cosmetics and skincare products ODM&OEM,various facial mask,original liquid,essence,facial cleaner,cream,lotion,essential oil,eye cream,air cushion BB and so on.