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Company culture


Our Culture Value: The highest friendly is like water,the honesty goes all over the world.

Water dose good to everything,but not compete, and the core of the enterprise culture of EXACTLY KINGS lies in the recognition of every employees. Encourage all members to spread the essence of enterprise culture, transform cultural concepts into contributions in reality, and contribute to the mission and vision of a 100 billion-level high-performance enterprise.

Any one of the bits and pieces can find thousands of languages and ideas. Water culture not only has a profound influence in China, but also has a huge driving force for the civilization and development of the whole world. Each of us is born in the water, this is “The highest friendly is like water”,which is the root of our entire culture.

The water in the concept of our culture is clear and transparent, inheriting the tradition, and bringing the faith of “the honesty goes all over the world”.

The basic faith of“The highest friendly is like water,the honesty goes all over the world”is good for everything ,and  will be dedicated to the needs of the people concerned and achieve win-win cooperation.


One of Culture Value: water inclusion

1. Heiner and rivers are full of tolerance. No one has ever been able to do it, but if it is done, it will be changed.

2. Those who can tolerate others must be those who have the ability to cultivate, have qualities, have tastes, and are sure to do great things.

3.The big belly can accommodate, the world is difficult to accommodate. It is the best path for mutual benefit and  win-win.


Second of Culture Value:water tenacity

1. Water droplets are worn, sea and stone are rotten, and the sea and loss all in the insistence. A company that can survive for a long time is an excellent company.

2.Quoted John's words: the big thing is not the size of strength, but how long it can last.

3.Tenacity is indomitable, no matter in the face of adversity, never give up,perseverance and unremitting pursuit.


Third of Culture Value:water concentration

1. Concentrate the power of dripping water to form a powerful potential. Relying on the flexible service of water culture to gather rigid energy, with the strategic development of the soft overcoming the hard.

2.The strength of water concentration - water can be guided by the situation, along with the trend, can also accumulate energy, ready to go.

3.Water The origin of all things is also water-indefinite, no desire is just tough,”the highest friendly is likes water,the honesty goes all around the world”,and the water good for everything but not competition.